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AUGUST 11, 2016
Meeting was called to order at 8:00 a.m. by President Ron Sabel

Board Members Present:  Ron Sabel, Mike Jacobi, John Cotter, Lee Vaughan and Al Rosenthal

Also Present:  Pat Kilbey

The June 23, 2016 minutes were approved on a motion by Lee Vaughan and a second by John Cotter


Treasurers Report was presented by Lee Vaughan with a beginning balance of $1470.49 receipts of $90.00 and expenditures of $188.18, with an ending balance of $1372.31.  Lee also reported that 19 lakes now belong for 2016.  The report was approved on a motion by Al Rosenthal, and a second by John Cotter.  Approved  Reports attached to minutes.

Golden Sands R C & D Council Report Al Rosenthal reported that the council continues to work on obtaining grants to keep the Council in the black, and improve the environment of the Counties it represents.

Marquette Cty LWCD – Pat Kilbey reported that the committee moved to approve Mike Jacobi a member of the committee and send to the County Board. 

Central Sands Water Action Coalition – Ron Sabel reported that there would be a coalition meeting on August 21st in Coloma.  The Coalition is very active and asked if they could attend our Annual Meeting in September, and Ron thought it would be okay.

Wisconsin Lakes – Al Rosenthal reported that the adjustment of the new office shared with River Alliance is going good.  Two advocacy training sessions have been organized for August in the Northern part of the State.

AIS Coordinator Report – Krista was unable to be present (out in the field) but her written report was presented and is part of these minutes.

Annual Meeting – September 8, 2016

Ben Brancel, Secretary of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection will be the main presenter and will talk on how lakes and agriculture can work together.

Pat Kilbey, Krista Kamke and Ben Nadolski will give reports before Secretary Brancel.

Healthy Lakes workshop had about 25 people present but those in attendance were enthused.  Mike Jacobi was in attendance and felt it was very good.

Looking for a couple of new Board Members.  Mike Johnson on White Lake was mentioned.

Next Meeting will be on October 6, 2016 at 8:00 a.m. at the Westfield
Service Center and Election of Officers will be on the agenda

Meeting was adjourned at 9:12 on a motion by Ron
Sabel and second by Lee Vaughan

Al Rosenthal, Secretary

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