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SEPTEMBER 14, 2017



President Ron Sabel called the meeting to order at 6:35 p.m.

Introductions were made after the Pledge of Allegiance

Board Members present:  John Cotter, Mike Johnson, Ron Sabel and Al Rosenthal

Also Present:  Pat Kilbey, Anna Cisar, and Ben Nadolski

16 members were at the meeting.

Minutes of the 2016 annual meeting were read by Al Rosenthal, and approved on a motion by John Cotter and a second by Mike Johnson.

Treasurer’s report was given by Ron Sabel in Lori Killian’s absence. Lori’s report is attached to these minutes.  It shows a balance of $967.04.  The report was approved on a motion by Ron Sabel and second by John Cotter.  19 lakes are members and have paid their 2017 dues.

Pat Kilbey gave a report on lake level testing and explain how the water levels are monitored at each inland lake.  Report is attached for Kilby Lake, Tuttle Lake and Twin Lakes East and West.  Pat also talked about stream monitoring that has been done in Marquette County.

Anna Cisar our AIS coordinator gave a report on what has been done in Marquette County this summer.  This includes meetings with Tuttle Lake, Wood Lake, Twin Lakes, Kilby Lake, Lawrence Lake and Crystal Lake.  Besides the meeting she has contact with Pleasant Lake and Clean Water/Clean Boats and had a booth at the County Fair.  Anna said that she is working under a grant till December 2018, and that her and Chris Hamerla are developing a grant for after 2018, and that it is due around Thanksgiving in 2017.  Marquette County Lakes Association will send a letter of support.

DNR Game Warden Ben Nodolski answered a number of questions on various topics. 

Ron Sabel handed out a list of websites that provide good information concerning lakes and rivers. They are :  River Alliance of Wisconsin; Central Sands Water Action Coalition; Wisconsin Lakes; and Friends of the Central Sands.  List attached with minutes.

President Sabel than opened it to those in attendance who had questions or comments about their lakes.

Lawrence Lake--  Asked for a list of Presidents of P&R districts in Marquette County

Pleasant Lake told about the land they purchased and why, and also how they were going to pay off the loan, and the great support they had from the members.

Harrisville Pond  told about the problems they were having with Carp hunters, and that they were letting the Carp on the shores.

Tuttle Lake told about the great response they had from members to volunteer at the Clean Boats/Clean Water project.

Motion was made to keep the dues for 2018 at $30.00 per year.  Ron Sabel made the motion and Bill Lundy seconded the motion. Approved

Motion was made by John Cotter and seconded by Al Rosenthal to have the Annual Meeting 2018 on September 13, 2018 at 6:30 p.m. to be held at the Marquette County Service Center.  Approved

Motion was made to adjourn by Ron Sabel and seconded by Mike Johnson at 8:25 p.m.  Approved

Minutes submitted by Al Rosenthal, Secretary

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